Boston Globe/UNH: Patrick 43%, Baker 39%, Cahill 8%, Stein 2%

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Governor: Patrick 43%, Baker 39%, Cahill 8%, Stein 2%

Treasurer: Grossman 39%, Polito 37%

Auditor: Bump 33%, Connaughton 32%

Attorney General: Coakley 56%, McKenna 35%

Congressional Ballot Test:  Dem 47%, GOP 35%

Q1 (Alcohol Tax Rollback): Yes 37%, No 52%

Q2 (“Affordable Housing”): Yes 24%, no 58%

Q3 (Sales Tax Rollback): Yes 43%, No 50%

The Boston Globe also did their Congressional endorsements today.  They endorsed every Democrat in every race.  Odd, I thought contributions to party organizations were limited to $5,000.

I find this poll very encouraging.  Here are a few notes:

  • Cahill Voter 2nd choice:  Baker 46%, Patrick 22%, Stein 13%.  3rd Party candidates traditionally lose much of their support on election day when trailing.
  • Baker does better among those voters who will definitely vote.
  • Baker supporters are more excited about the election.
  • Baker leads big among those very interested in the election and trails among those voters not interested at all.
  • …and of course undecided voters traditionally break 2:1 for the challenger.

These factors demonstrate the overall enthusiasm gap that is working in favor of all Republicans this cycle.


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