BMG Buys Patrick Welfare Spin Hook Line and Sinker

(At the HHS data site you can find out that When Bill Weld took office there were 96,985 cases, when Mitt Romney left office there were 45,429 cases that’s an almost 50% reduction in cases.  Compare that to Deval Patrick’s almost 13% increase. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Our friends over at Blue Mass Group have bought Deval Patrick’s latest welfare spin hook line and sinker. Without even doing an independent analysis of the data provided by the Patrick Administration they bought right into it.


“The number of recipients is down from over 110,000 in the 1990s to 50,000 now, even in the midst of the worst national economy in generations.”

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What is interesting to note is that in 1989 one year before Weld was elected there were 87,937 welfare cases in Massachusetts, and in 1999 during the Cellucci administration there were 51,999.  This represents a 42% drop in welfare cases during the first 9 years of the Weld/Cellucci era.

When Deval Patrick took office in 2007 there were roughly 45,000 welfare cases and in September of 2010 there are 50,804.  That is a roughly 13% increase in the number of cases.  

The facts don’t lie. The reforms put in place during the Weld era reduced the amount of welfare recipients and fraud by over 40%.  

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  • MrThom

    Oh you evil hard hearted Republican.  If welfare cases have gone up it MUST be George’s fault. Things will turn around under Obama’s enlightened leadership. Any day now.  Wait for it.

  • Clinton’s welfare reform, as implemented by the Weld – Celluci administration — knocking women off welfare after 2 years was responsible for the steep drop in welfare in the early 2000s’,

    The recent increase in applications for cash assistance, food stamps and shelter is directly related to the current recession, which started in the last months of the George Bush administration

    So there.  

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    We use limited use credit cards for an HRA account – you can only buy items that the card allows.