Bill Hudak: The choice this November is clear

This editorial was submitted to the Bedford Minuteman:

The choice this November is clear

By Bill Hudak

Bedford Minuteman

Thursday, October 28, 2010

On Nov. 2, voters across America and across our district will face a clear choice that may well define the economic growth and prosperity of our nation for a generation.

In the 6th District, a vote for Congressman John Tierney will be a vote for the policies of the current Congress and administration, policies that have given us a $13 trillion national debt, stagnant job growth and higher taxes. Policies that have put the American dream on hold for thousands of our neighbors.

Conversely, a vote for me will deliver policies that have historically proven to be effective in creating jobs, putting money in peoples’ hands, and encouraging business and personal prosperity.

In few elections have the choices been more apparent, nor have the stakes been higher.

For the past 16 months, I’ve met with thousands of citizens and dozens of business owners throughout the district and listened to their concerns about this financial crisis.

What is has become clear is that in 2009, President Obama and the Pelosi-controlled Congress embarked on a grandiose economic experiment that dramatically expanded the size and role of government in ways that were unprecedented.

The failed results of this experiment are now plainly visible throughout the District and the country.

Reported unemployment continues to hover near 10 percent, with actual unemployment and under-employment reaching into the mid-20s. Employers who desperately need economic and regulatory certainty to expand have been stopped in their tracks. And this Congress continues to pile on debt and punitive regulation, with no end in sight.

What is perhaps most destructive has been the explosion of new federal bureaucracies, the governmental takeover of major industries, and the imposition of new federal mandates and regulations. This has extended the recession and delayed our recovery, perhaps for years.

We, and our children, are on the verge of losing a generation of growth.

We can, however, reverse the negative impacts brought about by this Congress through common sense economic measures.

By reducing spending, extending the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, lowering the capital gains, corporate, and individual income tax rates, and providing regulatory relief to businesses strangled by government red tape, we can restore business and consumer confidence, and stimulate job growth.

We can then work toward balancing our budget through fiscal discipline. Cutting government expenditures, freezing federal wages and reducing government employment by attrition, and attacking fraud in government programs across the board are steps in the right direction.

Congress must also defund and repeal the health care law that was forced upon us. This law is already raising rates and reducing benefits. It is stifling medical innovation and diminishing the quality of care in our country.

Congressman John Tierney has been a big part of the problem; voting in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi’s failed agenda. Citizens Against Government Waste gives him a lifetime rating of 14 percent; in 2008, the National Taxpayers Union gave him a rating of “F.” With such a dismal anti-business and anti-growth record, John Tierney has clearly not been focused on job creation or economic recovery.

With my 25 years experience as a small business owner and attorney, I understand free enterprise offers the only real solution; and government must help with policies that encourage, not hinder growth.

This November, voters of the 6th District will also face a defining choice on the character of the man they send to Washington to represent them.

It’s time we restore trust in our elected officials, and work to put this great country back on track.

Bill Hudak is the Republican nominee for the 6th Congressional District.

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