Bielat rips Barney Frank’s heart out and eats it

Did anyone watch the Bielat – Frank debate on Fox 25 just now?

Was anyone else standing up and cheering on multiple occasions?

Did anyone actually feel sorry for Barney Frank at any point?

We just witnessed the so-called smartest guy in congress, erstwhile heavyweight debating champ of the world, get pounded into dust by 35 year old newcomer Sean Bielat.

I think that says a lot about Bielat’s talent and intellect, and I think it also says something about where Barney Frank is right now.

Can you imagine what Barney Frank must be thinking right now?  After taking punishment like that, and in the best possible case being relegated back to the minority, does the old codger finally start thinking about hanging it up?

Hard to say, really.  What else would he do?  He’s got nowhere to go.

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