Bielat outraises Barney Frank AGAIN!

Sean Bielat continues to turn in highly impressive fundraising numbers, easily beating out the presumably limitless fundraising prowess of Barney Frank:

In the first two weeks of October we received over $650,000 from supporters like you.  In the same period, Barney took in just $250,000.  

Now, $250K in 2 weeks is no joke.  But Sean’s $650K doubled again his total fundraising number – in just 2 weeks! –  and off the cuff seems like it might beat all other MA congressional candidates combined.  

Barney realizes he is in trouble – and was forced to tap his pension to lend himself $200K.  

So what have we got now:  A WPRI poll showing Sean 12 points back with a 5 point margin of error.  Barney already below 50% support and you haven’t really even seen any attack ads yet.  Sean up by 10 with independents.  Huge enthusiasm gap.

Folks, its that year.

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