Bielat not all that

Sean Bielat is a fresh face to Massachusetts politics and brings solid ideas to the table. His stances on Iraq and Afghanistan, and his libertarian approach to drug policy, are a welcome addition to the typical Republican political mileu that has failed to attract new votes and moderates to the right.


Unfortunately, as a reposible voter, I cannot overlook certain issues that Bielat cannot overcome. I fear he is too young and, therefore, too inexperienced, to be filling the shoes of an immensely succesful and powerful politician such as Barney Frank. Despite what your feelings about Frank are, it is hard to argue against the fact that he is “widely considered to be one of the most powerful members of Congress,”* capable of representing his constinuency unlike many other state reps. Part of Frank’s success comes from his 30 years in Congress, where he has many allies (and also many enemies).

My fear is as follows: Frank and Bielat are both against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; of the two, who has enough political weight to bring these wars to a close? I have not made a decision on who to vote for yet, but I have a hard time voting for a kid over a heavyweight.

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