Bielat- Barney debate on WRKO: Congressman sings new tune

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Busy with household chores, I confess that I was only marginally able to tune in and out of the Barney-Bielat debate on WRKO. My quick take-away is summarized as following

1) Barney was remarkably restrained taking a cue from that disastrous John Tierney performance on Fox 25 last week. Radio, too is a cool medium.

2) Barney blames Tom DeLay for his vote against a Republican bill that would have curbed the excesses of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Not convincing.

3) Barney distances himself from Obama’s statement about 8 percent unemployment, the byproduct of the stimulus package. Like a good party man, he believes that unemployment would be worse without Barry’s bailouts.

4) Barney says the 1099 provision in one of the reform packages is a mistake. A good Republican talking point appropriated.

5) Barney things rolling up our tents on foreign soil, bringing our troops home is a good way to save money. Bialet corrected this fantasy noting that we are obligated under NATO to provide defense overseas

6) Barney is now pro-small business. Democrats this year are praising small business. But Barney overlooks #4 above.

7) Barney is now tough on immigration saying that employers should e-verify. Thinks application of #5 will enable National Guard to patrol the borders. Not very convincing.

7) Bielat responded well staying on message. Barney covered a lot of bases. But then again I didn’t tune into enough of the debate to offer a fuller picture.

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