Barney Frank: Desperate, or just Ameteurish?

As published in the Washington Examiner, here is part of Barney’s latest fund raising plea!  Footnote numbers and bolding added…

Dear David,

Earlier this year, I realized that a powerful coalition of right-wing organizations (1) would target me in the upcoming election. Now this has become a reality.

My opponent, a virtual unknown in Massachusetts, has suddenly been heavily promoted by a national coalition of right-wing forces. He raised four hundred thousand dollars last month alone (2) and he says that he is expecting a wave of independent expenditures from outside organizations – despite election rules against collaborating with them.

I need your help to oppose these powerful forces.(3)

Last summer at a town hall meeting, I stood up to right-wing activists who outrageously compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler.(4) The Right has never forgiven me for this, and they are now mounting a coordinated attack against me in order to put fear in the heart of anyone show dares stand up to them.(5) I have been named me one of the top “Tea Party Targets” in the country.(6)

The Right desperately wants to defeat me not only because I am outspoken, but because I am effective.

(1) correction:  some blogs.  And local media.

(2) Never mind the millions that Barney has raised.  He’s just not comfortable losing his 10:1 fundraising advantage in this heavily Democratic district

(3) Waaaahh!

(4) “Right wing activists”.  Namely, Barney’s Democratic primary opponent Rachel Brown

(5) What a crock.  Barney dared to stand up against Rachel Brown, and no one cares.  

(6) Because you are a corrupt liar and a socialist, and you are directly culpable for the excesses of Fannie and Freddie, which crushed our economy so badly that we still have 10% unemployment.

Thanks for playing.

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