Another letter from Ms Polito would be nice

Explaining this story in the Globe that seems very well researched.

Polito’s involvement in getting CenTech Boulevard built was at least the second time in the past decade that she took action as a state lawmaker involving property near that owned by her family. In 2002, she filed a bill that allowed the town of Shrewsbury to buy land on the opposite side of her family’s industrial park. While she was permitted to sponsor the bill, she should have filed a written disclosure detailing her family’s ownership of nearby property, ethics rules say. No such disclosure was on file with either the Ethics Commission or the House clerk.

and then there is more lack of transparency


Polito is manager of two limited-liability companies that own property in the industrial park, Hills Farm Development and Bull Farm Development, according to real estate and corporate records. In addition, she is manager of Candy Mansion LLC, which owns the property where Shrewsbury landmark Hebert Candy Mansion sits. Polito’s father, Francis, bought the property for $3.1 million at auction six months before CenTech Boulevard opened, in October 2006.

   At the time, her father said he hoped to develop the rest of the 9.2-acre site with retail and office space.

   Polito’s spokesman, Van Magness, said she did not report her role in the three other family businesses because she believed they had merged and therefore needed to mention only one. She will correct the oversight, Van Magness said.


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