A Scary Story for Halloween

We are still a week away from Halloween, but I thought I might try and scare you with a story that is sure to frighten any freedom loving American.

One dark night, in a big old house in Washington, the President of the United States LOST the codes to the briefcase where he can launch the nuclear warheads needed to defend our nation.  (insert screams here!)

Actually, this is not a fiction story, but a matter of fact as detailed by General Hugh Shelton in regards to President William Jefferson Clinton.  The story is verified by Air Force Lt Col Robert Patterson.

That’s right, while Bubba was molesting Monika Lewinsky the card that holds the secret codes (called the biscuit) needed to launch a nuclear war, and to defend our nation from attack, had been lost.  Worst of all is that the biscuit wasn’t lost for a few minutes or hours, but for MONTHS so says Gen. Shelton.  

“This is a big deal — a gargantuan deal — and we dodged a silver bullet,” Shelton wrote…

The story is told as such:

Once a month, Pentagon officials stop by the White House to ensure the president still has the card. For at least two months in a row, one of Clinton’s aides told the military checker that the president was in a meeting but that he definitely had the codes.

But when the time came to update the codes with new ones sometime in 2000, a Clinton aide confessed that the card was missing. According to his book, Shelton burst into the office of then Defense Secretary William Cohen and said, “You are not going to believe this.”

So the next time the Democrats tell you that they are strong on defence, ask them “where’s the biscuit?”.

I wonder if Obama keeps the biscuit with his birth certificate?  Actually, I think Michelle has the biscuit…..

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