Who is Barbara Weniger and is her Bay State Future just the Patriot Majority past?

Deval Patrick’s allies have finally gone negative with an ad repeating that Charlie Baker is responsible for the ills of the Big Dig.  Never mind that the charge is laughable on it’s face, it’s interesting to note who is running the ad.

Barbara Weniger is the self-proclaimed Chairman of Bay State Future, a newly-formed 527 that launched attacks ads against Charlie Baker today. Weniger, owner of Lakota Bakery in Arlington, was a member of the New England steering committee to raise money for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and is a substantial donor to Governor Patrick and other Beacon Hill Democrats.

According to news reports, Weniger baked Obama’s 47th birthday cake and has as recently as January 2010 given Obama an “A” for his first year in office.

In Arlington, Barbara Weniger, who owns the Lakota Bakery in Arlington and was on a New England steering committee to raise money for Obama during his presidential campaign, said she’s still “thrilled” with the president.

Weniger said she believes that breaking the race barrier and becoming the first black president is Obama’s biggest success.

“In one day, it changed the way we all see each other,” Weniger said. “When they write history books in 50 years that really was a huge deal.”

Weniger said she has not had any real disappointments in Obama’s first year in office, and she will wait to assess his performance when his four years are up.

“I would have to give him an A,” she said. “And I don’t think I’m being unrealistic. I think I’m being realistic about what one person can do in that office.”

Weniger also thinks that the voters really didn’t want to elect Scott Brown, “she thinks voters only backed Brown to “snub the establishment.”  You see the Arlington types are smarter than everybody else.  

Just who is Weniger’s Bay State Future 527, signs would point to it having large pockets.  According to the the Boston Globe $651,000 was spent on this ad buy.  According to the Globe Politico is reporting that the Bay State Future 527 is a DGA sponsored organization.

For all their talk about wanting to be open with campaign funding, the Democrats often use front groups to mask the DGA’s activities.  For instance in 2006 the DGA along with unions were behind the 527 ads from the Patriot Majority.  The funding sources for those ads were:

Democratic Governors Association $230,000

Massachusetts Teachers Association $250,000

SEIU Local 1199 $250,000

New England Carpenters PAC $50,000

SEIU Local 509 $10,000

Gov. Bill Richardson’s PAC $5000 (Chairman of DGA at the time)

The Bay State Future 527 is just the Patriot Majority with a new name.  It’s the same old conglomeration of Big Labor and Democrats, as Newt Gingrich puts it the Secular Socialist Machine.


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