Where exactly are the 2700 cut state employee jobs LG Murray?

Earlier this month Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray attacked Charlie Baker for a false and misleading ad.  One of the central points that Murray tries to make is that Charlie is lying about the pain government employees have suffered in this downturn.

“The truth is that Governor Patrick and I have eliminated more than 2,700 positions in state government, instituted furloughs for all 5,000 managers, and negotiated major concessions from public employee unions. We understand that state government, much like families across the Commonwealth, has to do more with less in these tough times. Charlie Baker knows this and he has again failed to tell the truth in his TV ad.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Patrick and Murray have added a net of 7K jobs to State government since they took office.  

Not only haven’t the Governor and Lieutenant Governor made meaningful cuts the number of employees in State Government has actually grown since the financial crisis hit in the late summer of 2008.  

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