What Would Our Next Governor Do …on Day One?

Only one candidate has answered that question, to my knowledge (PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong), and surprise, surprise – it’s Charlie Baker, who has proven time and again throughout this campaign that he’s the only one willing to do the hard work of analyzing state government in an effort to make it run more efficiently, just like he did at HPHC, and just like he did at A&F under the most popular governor in my lifetime. Here’s what Governor Baker would do on his very first day on the job–


Baker’s executive orders:

* freeze state employee pay,

* institute a hiring freeze,

* crack down on state benefits for illegal immigrants,

* ban union-only construction projects, and

* reform the red tape requirements that impede business growth  

As executive orders, these cost-savings measures do not need legislative approval and are real steps toward finally dealing with the budget crisis created by the mismanagement of Governor Patrick and Treasurer Cahill.  

In other words, yes, Charlie needs help on Beacon Hill, but don’t think for a second that he is powerless to effect change, from Day One. Voting for Charlie Baker, supporting him with your time, your money, and your words, will have a HUGE impact on our daily lives, so everybody needs to get on board and work WITH the top of the ticket to get his message out there – we need  balance on Beacon Hill, but we also need smart, proven leadership that has the right priorities so that we’re not simply trying to STOP the current administration but we’re instead actively pursuing real reforms.    

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