The FIRST Dining Room Table Debate! (also posted on BMG)

I am no documentary film maker.  Me and my little Flip roam the political universe.  But I WAS at the Barney Frank Town Hall in Dartmouth run by Brock’s friend Ray Medeiros.  And I captured the first encounter between Cong. Frank and his now-challanger in the primary, LaRouche Democrat Rachel Brown.  I was kinda sorta aiming at a seated LaRouche guy who kept holding up an Obama/Nazi sign trying to provoke Frank, so Ms. Brown appears on the edge of the frame.  But, I did get the exchange.

Ms. Brown asks her question HERE

Congressman Frank responds HERE

And, I captured her christening as a piece of furniture.

(If anyone is interested, I filmed the whole thing question by question, and can upload and share).

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