Stevie Lynch schools the SEIU crowd

If conservative Democrats had any glimmer of hope it came this evening in the form of Stephen Lynch, the incumbent Congressman from Southie, who crushed the SEIU-backed Mac D’Alessandra. He did well in the city of Boston.



Number of Precincts 80

Precincts Reporting 75 93.8 %

Total Votes 21613 93.6 %

Number of Uncast Votes 1486 0.0 %

STEPHEN F. LYNCH 14877 64.41%

M. K. D’ALESSANDRO 6712 29.06%

Write-in Votes 24 0.10%

This is a major setback for the SEIU crowd. Lynch was challenged for taking a brave vote against Obamacare. Having been shunned by the liberal wing, who opted for Marcia Coakley over a sure thing, Lynch tastes revenge and it is sweet.  

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