Springfield Republican: Bump, Connaughton.


The Springfield Republican newspaper followed the lead of the Boston Globe by endorsing Suzanne M. Bump and Mary Z. Connaughton for their respective primaries.

We think Republicans should also nominate a woman. Mary Z. Connaughton is making her first run for state elective office. She is the only certified public accountant in the raise who is trained as an auditor. That should count for something with voters.

Personally, I like both Republican candidates. Mary had my support from almost the start of the political season but I have to say that, since then, Kamal has impressed me (and other members of my committee) a lot. It will  be very difficult for me to choose between the two. I may bring a coin with me to the polls for that particular race!

One thing I know for certain is this. The position of Auditor should be given to either Mary Z. or Kamal.  

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