Sholley’s organization supported Independent Joe Kennedy and not GOP Scott Brown for Senate.

Asked at least 20 times over the last two months, Earl Sholley, Linda Rapoza and Mike Franco have yet to acknowledge that they are openly and enthusiastically supporting GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker and Richard Tisei for Lt. Gov. So far, Sholley and Franco, who are running as and pleading with Republicans for votes, are refusing to answer. The Fatherhood Coalition Political Action Commmittee supported Independent Joe Kennedy and NOT GOP senate candidate Scott Brown last January so where does they stand? Is this unreasonable? Earl Sholley needs to declare where he stands, with charlie Baker or with Scott Liveley. Mike Franco has ducked this question as well.

The Fatherhood Coalition Political Action Committee Endorses Joe Kennedy for Senate The January 19 election for US Senator from Massachusetts is very important for those who support the rights of men and fathers. The key question is how the candidates are likely to vote on the reauthorization of Violence Against Women's Act (VAWA). Based on the candidates' issue statements and legislative activity The Fatherhood Coalition PAC believes Joe Kennedy's position (below) on VAWA and domestic violence laws will be the most beneficial for men and fathers. For this important issue Joe Kennedy deserves your vote. The Fatherhood Coalition PAC is pleased to endorse Joe Kennedy for US Senator from Massachusetts in the January 19, 2009 election. ——————————————————————————– JoeKennedy: "While significant domestic violence issues exist and must be dealt with, the Violence Against Women Act [VAWA] is not the solution. First off, no bill should be gender biased. If we were to have any bill addressing violence it must be gender neutral. Secondly, the issue of domestic violence needs to be addressed by individual states as does funding. Any issue which funnels money through federal bureaucracies only dilutes actual dollars that go to the cause. In addition to these two issues which would already lead to my not supporting a bill of this nature is the potential abuse of the bill. Today the concept that any parent (man or woman) could be denied their parental rights based on the mere allegation of abuse begs for corruption. We have a domestic abuse problem in this country and both men and women are victims. Domestic violence issues are serious and must be addressed without bias by legislature on the state level and in a manner that directly deals with the issue of abuse." Martha Coakley: "As Senator, Martha will support federal funding for the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act and the Violence Against Women Act, which provide support for local shelters, counseling, and other services for child and adult victims of violence."… Scott Brown: "BOSTON, MA – State Senator Scott Brown is pleased to announce that Newton-Wellesley Hospital is providing free and confidential domestic and sexual violence services for both survivors and health care providers. The Hospital program works to provide comprehensive, culturally competent care specific to the needs of the individual survivor." 2/26/08… They sure use Republicans for votes but have no intention of helping the GOP outside of that. As for Scott Lively?………

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    “If there are degrees of evil it is hard to say who is the more contemptible: the brute who assumes the right to force the mind of others or the moral degenerate who grants to others the right to force his mind.”

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    Hey Pittman

    News Flash – There are a lot of Republicans that are not “openly and enthusiastically supporting … Charlie Baker and Richard Tisei.”

    I mean, everyone knows that 30% of Republicans don’t support Baker.

  • Today Joe Kennedy endorsed Sholley

  • demolisher

    is that the Sholley campaign is bankrupt.  Anecdotal reports have them collecting campaign literature that they have previously handed out for re-use.  

    Even jazzpatriot has been recycling his previous junk posts under new titles (not that that costs anything, or for that matter that anyone reads his blog).

    The Sholley campaign hasn’t even filed the latest campaign finance reports as required by law, even though everyone else including Rachel Brown (who actually out-raised Sholley in 2Q!!!) has done so.

    At the end of last quarter, Sholley reported this:

    Beginning Cash: $488

    Latest Cash On Hand: $11,153

    Debts Owed By: $11,750

    And most of their expenditures last quarter were “loan repayments” to Earl himself.  Since they never filed 1Q itemize expenses, it is impossible to tell where about $60K went, but based on 2Q its hard to imagine it all went to signs.  

    A cynic might suspect that the money has been flowing directly to Earl all along.

  • “If there are degrees of evil it is hard to say who is the more contemptible: the brute who assumes the right to force the mind of others or the moral degenerate who grants to others the right to force his mind.”

           John Galt’s proclamation Atlas Shrugged