RMG Endorses Jim McKenna for Attorney General

(Don’t forget to vote today, and write in Jim McKenna for Attorney General! – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

James McKenna 28 Miles St. Millbury

Jim McKenna for Attorney General Jim McKenna for Attorney General In most Republican primaries, endorsements come down to choosing between two or more candidates on the ballot and bringing that number down to the best one.  When we vote for different candidates there is no harm done.  We will have a nominee and candidate in the November election.

The race for Attorney General is very different.  We have no candidates on the ballot and are trying to raise that number up to one.  Both Jim McKenna and Guy Carbone want Republican primary voters to write in their name.  However, if neither candidates receives 10,000 certified votes, we finish with no candidate.  The possibility exists for one candidate to get 8,000 votes, the other candidate to get 5,000 votes and we have no nominee.  Here at Red Mass Group, this is a legitimate concern.

In our estimation, Jim McKenna has gained more support, more media attention, and run a better campaign.  He has a better chance to get the 10,000 votes necessary in the September 14th primary.  We encourage all Republican primary voters to join us and write in Jim McKenna for Attorney General.

Red Mass Group has over 1,000 absolute unique visitors in Massachusetts every day.  If we act as a collective force, and encourage our friends to do the same, we can make the difference and get Jim McKenna on the November ballot.

James McKenna 28 Miles St. Millbury

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  1. We love Jim,

    Anything you need is yours!

  2. Despite Barbara Anderson, it’s gonna happen!

  3. We, as Republicans, are making history again! Anything you need Jim.

  4. Jim’s going to have quite a victory party. Please call your friends and family over the next few days!

  5. Well I guess thats good enough for me :)

  6. Was planning to write in McKenna for AG but didn’t know exactly how to do it. Very succinct.

  7. I talked to 3 people in MA today who planned on pulling a Republican ballot and voting for McKenna. All of them thought they only had to write his name. They did not know the proper way to write-in his name. I think that will be a major issue.  

  8. There was a guy handing out McKenna stickers at my polling place on the cape.

  9. don’t know if stiffing a veteran is a smart move but can understand the problem of having two sticker candidate’s and both failing to get to november.will follow rmg lead and sticker for mckenna.

  10. If I want to vote against Marsha Marsha I have to pull an R ballot and write in Jim, but if I want to vote against the incumbent dumbass Stephen Lynch I have to pull a D ballot and vote for the pinko SEIU front man.  Decisions, decisions…

  11. He is starting on the road to History.

    Early numbers 18k write in’s.

    Lets go Jim lets beat Martha and give her two upsets in one year!

  12. James McKenna 28 Miles St. Millbury MA

    Don’t forget to color in the oval!

  13. Chevyrox… great point.

    Just to let you know we did officially notify the Secy of State Office and last week notified all Town and City Clerks of the different variations.

    I can honestly state that all have been very accomodating and fair.  They understand their obligations under the law to count any vote, even if mispelled, so long as the voter intent can be discerned.  They were thankful that we reached out to them.

    But to avoid this – You have hit it on the money – ounce of prevention in this case is worth 10,000 pounds of cure 😉

    Best Choice to Write in Jim's name:  James McKenna, 28 Miles St, Millbury

    Second Best Choice: James or Jim McKenna – Millbury

    The easier we make the election officials jobs… the more forgiving they will be for the added work we have caused them.  We apologized to them for this as well.






  14. I was able to fit in  Millbury along with the name, but there is no way to get the street address into that space using those thick magic markers they have laying around.

  15. Among how many voters does the myth persist that they must include a write-in candidates address?  Are there enough who would vote but don’t (because they don’t remember the candidate’s address) to affect the outcome?

    The legal test for the poll worker is “can they discern the intent of the voter?”  I remember talking to the clerks in Haverhill in 2002 — some voters had placed the sticker in the completely wrong place on the ballot, but they determined that they intended to write that candidate in regardless, and counted the votes.

    Alerting the clerks to an active write-in campaign is the key.  Once they know to be on the lookout for the write-in candidate, simply putting “McKenna” should be sufficient.  Heck, “Jim M” would probably work, too.

    I know it’s fashionable to assume that all Mass. town/city clerks have it in for Republicans, but I found that the overwhelming majority take their responsibility for administering elections seriously.  None of them wanted to end up on the nightly news for allegedly rigging an election.

  16. Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

    there are about 50,000 total write ins. If he just has 18K that means Carbone won.  We won’t know this for a few days.

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