Registered (not likely) voter poll shows half of voters don’t know who Charlie Baker is

Suffolk University released a poll of 500 registered voters.  This is significant in that outfits like Rasmussen poll likely voters using a tried and true model.  Especially in a year like 2010 where the intensity is on Republican’s side registered voter polls are a nice snapshot but not a good predictor of final results.

According to the Suffolk Poll Deval Patrick holds a 41 – 34 lead over Charlie Baker with Tim Cahill trailing at 14%.  Once again showing that he is playing only a spoiler role.  The good news for Baker is that among those voters that know both him and Deval Patrick he is only down by one point.

The good news for Baker: Among voters familiar with both him and the governor, Baker beats Deval Patrick 39 percent to 38 percen

“This is significant as a pollster because the presumption is voters will know both candidates,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center.

When the crosstabs are available later today. A link will be posted to them.

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