Primary Day Prediction Results

Here are my pre-primary day predictions and the winners in Bold…

MA2: Wesley (Wesley)

MA3: Herr   (Lamb)

MA4: Bielat (Bielat)

MA5: Golnik (Golnik)

MA6: Hudak (Hudak)

MA7: Dembrowski (Dembrowski)

MA9: Lepor  (Harrison)

MA10: Perry (Perry)

Auditor: Connaughton (Connaughton)

Attorney General:  McKenna gets on (Over 20,000 votes) (McKenna gets 27,000+)


MA10: O’Leary (Keating)

Auditor: Glodis (Bump)

Treasurer: Grossman (Grossman)

Bonus Picks:

12 Plymouth District HOUSE: Quelle over Truschelli (Truschelli)

NH GOP SENATE: Binnie upsets Ayotte (Ayotte)

DE GOP SENATE: O’Donnell upsets Castle (O’Donnell)

RI GOP GOV: Robitialle (Robitalle)

Sam Meas comes in 2nd place in MA5 (Meas in 2nd with 26%)

That’s 12 out of 18 races I predicted for a 66.6% rate…Not bad for a novice…

PS…Pretty surprised about the Harrison victory in the 9th. I figured Lepor would have taken it there since he was recieving more media coverage.  

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