Polito draws sharp contrast with Grossman on taxes

Karyn Polito, Republican candidate for state Treasurer, sharpened the contrast with her Democratic opponent Steve Grossman today, casting Grossman as “a former state and national Democratic Party chairman who has made a career out of defending higher taxes and more spending, and who promises to be a social activist as treasurer.”

Speaking to reporters at a news conference in Boston, Polito referred to Grossman as a “Beacon Hill insider” who feels strongly about maintaining the status quo with respect to high taxation in Massachusetts.

According to Polito, Grossman personally donated $25,000 to the “Campaign for Massachusetts’ Future” in 2000, which was the campaign organized to oppose that year’s income tax rollback ballot question.

Speaking of Grossman’s contribution to stop the income tax rollback, Polito said, “This is not the act of a mere activist. This is the action of a person who is personally invested in making sure taxes remain high on the citizens of Massachusetts.” She emphasized the point by pointing to a mock check for $25,000 made out by Steve Grossman to “Insiders on Beacon Hill” to “stop the income tax rollback.”

Polito also contends that Grossman’s contribution is a sign of how she and Grossman differ on the issue of taxation. “Steve Grossman has spent his political career looking out for his fellow Democrats. Steve and the politicians at the State House have a view that they can treat the taxpayers like their own personal ATM machine whenever they need more money to pay for their bigger budgets. By contrast, I have spent my career looking out for the taxpayers. I believe the best way to create jobs is by reducing the state’s tax burden on individuals and businesses so people can keep more of the money they make and spend it on goods and services that will help grow the economy.”

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