Polito Attends Cahill Fundraiser

Today’s Herald reports that GOP Treasurer candidate Karyn Polito attended a fundraiser for Tim Cahill on Thursday night.  


Republican candidate for treasurer Karyn Polito has attended a fundraiser for independent gubernatorial candidate Timothy Cahill, but says she is supporting Charles Baker, the Republican nominee for governor.

Polito attended a Cahill event Thursday night in Quincy, but her campaign spokeswoman said Friday that Polito did not write Cahill a check and focused instead on meeting voters.

That strikes me as very odd behavior.  First, Quincy is along drive from Shrewsbury.  It’s not like she happened to be in the neighborhood.  Rather, she must have gone out of her way to attend the Cahill event.

Second, if someone is in attendance at a fundraiser, it seems like reasonable evidence that this individual supports the candidate for whom the event is thrown.  Readers on this board have often pointed to a candidate’s contribution history in making inferences as one’s political preferences.  Attendance at an event also provides such a signal.  Yet Ms. Polito claims she does not support Mr. Cahill.  

Third, even more mystifying is the claim that Ms. Polito did not write Mr. Cahill a check.  Does that mean that she received a complimentary admission from the Cahill campaign?  Did she ask for the complimentary admission or was it offered?  I can’t decide whether this would be  more weird if she had paid the admission versus being comped.  

Fourth, if she is claiming that she is an agent of change, why was she seeking the support of the old guard?  Don’t they have an interest in the preservation of the status quo?

And fifth, there’s the timing.  She starts cavorting with Cahill’s supporters at the moment that his campaign is collapsing.  The Rasmussen poll the next day showed Cahill with 8 percent.  At minimum, her timing was awful.  

This whole thing strikes me as extremely poor judgment on Ms. Polito’s part.  

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