Polito: Are you with us or against us

I tried to wait as long as possible hoping someone else would post about this, but i have seen nothing yet, so i guess i have to, and i know it wont be promoted to the front page or even get many comments from the regulars but i feel it is important to have here, we dont hesitate posting negatives about other candidates why protect one. As we all know this past week our Candidate, the Republican candidate for Treasurer attended the rally/fundraiser for democrat/independent candidate for Governor Tim Cahill. Now those of us here on RMG have torn apart people like Little Joe Sheehan for helping the Cahill campaign, but yet no one mentions Karen turning her back on the party, and its nominees. Would anyone of us accept it if Baker,Tisei, Connaughton, Campbell or anyone else attended a Steve Grossman event, i know i wouldn’t. I had concerns about Karen in the beginning, and questioned her loyalty to Baker early on, but was convinced by friends, and fellow posters on RMG that she was a team player, well this clearly shows she isn’t.

I know, i am going to get comments about how all the votes matter and she needs to get ind and dems to vote for her,and that she isn’t endorsing Cahill by being there.Think People its not like she was at the same fair or cookout as Cahill. She freely attended their event, and was placed on the press release sent out by the Cahill campaign. If you went to a Polito event and Saw Tim Cahill there wouldn’t you think Tim supported Karen, If you went to a Baker event and saw all the Republican state reps standing there wouldn’t you think that they supported Baker, they why should we act like it means something else for Karen. I think this is a disgrace, I will no longer be casting a vote for Karen, and suggest many of you do the same. This year we should all be proud to be Republicans, and proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with one another, but Karen Polito wants to stand shoulder to shoulder with a tax and spend Democrat, who is just going to put Patrick back into office. That’s fine Karen stand next to who you want, but when one shoulder is empty and your standing alone you know why

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