Outstanding Jacoby article on Sean Bielat!

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I really want to just quote the whole thing but to show that I’ve been paying attention to the fair use post, I’ll try to choose a few excerpts:

The man out to topple Barney Frank

‘WHEN I was young, I was a Democrat because I wanted to help people,” says Sean Bielat, who is running to replace Barney Frank in the US House of Representatives. “Now I’m a conservative because I want to help people.”

Bielat is a whip-smart 35-year-old Marine, a successful business manager, and a first-time candidate for Congress out to topple the 29-year incumbent whom many consider the face of liberal Washington arrogance.

The root of the crisis, he says, was the government’s push to expand homeownership, with Fannie and Freddie coaxing uncreditworthy borrowers into mortgages they couldn’t afford. “Barney Frank advocated very hard for policies that allowed just that,” Bielat notes. “He said we should ‘roll the dice’ in favor of expanding homeownership,” even if that meant risking financial soundness and safety.

Bielat (who is opposed by perennial candidate Earl Sholley in the GOP primary) would repeal Obamacare, favors peace through military strength, and wants the Bush tax cuts extended – all mainstream Republican views. Yet he is neither libertarian purist nor far-right conservative.

The whole article is a must-read for anyone who is interested.  Meaning: for everyone who cares at all about what is going on today.

This race is for real, Bielat is for real, and Barney, for all his power and all his arrogance and lies and all his fundraising prowess, is scared.

Do whatever you can for your worthy local candidate, and after that, please support Sean Bielat.  There is no race in the country like this race, and it is just about to go national.

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