My Ballott on Tuesday: Connaughton, Stopa, McKenna and Knowlton

I have finally made up my mind in the last two races I was wavering on.  If you are interested, here is how my primary ballot will look on Tuesday.

Governor: I will be filling in the oval for Charlie Baker.  

Lt. Governor: I will be filling in the oval for Richard Tisei.

Attorney General:  After listening to the arguments of friends I have decided to change my vote from Guy Carbone to Jim McKenna.  Time to take off that Carbone bumper sticker.  

Secretary of State: I will be filling in the oval for Bill Campbell.

Auditor:  This is a tough one for me.  If I had a vote at the convention I would have voted for Kamal Jain to appear on the primary ballot.  This primary has been one of the best things to happen to our party for quite some time.  Both of these candidates would make a great auditor.  In the end however my nod goes to Mary Z. Commaughton, who has proven her mettle in the heat of public sector battles.

Treasurer: I will happily fill in the oval for Karyn Polito, both because she is the best candidate overall for Treasurer, and I live in Shrewsbury.  If I didn’t my cable would probably be shut off.

Representative in Congress:  None of the candidates for the 3rd Congressional district have raised in my estimation the kind of cash needed to mount a credible challenge to Jim McGovern.  Yes this is a wave election, but in order to ride the wave you need to at least bring a surf-board.  Normally in a race like this where all of the candidates are personally likeable, and hold the same core beliefs as I do, I’d be pragmatic and vote for the one who has raised the most money and run the best campaign.  None of these gentlemen stand out in that regard, it has been tough for any of them to raise the money and absent personal wealth, none have been able ot self finance. These facts allow me to then pick the person amongst the five whom I most identify with, from an intellectual standpoint. In this race that person is Mike Stopa.  He is by all accounts far and away the person with the best grasp of the issues.  I’ve seen him talk extemporaneously on a whole host of issues.  He is the most ready to be a congressman on day one.

Representative in General Court: I will be filling in the oval for Matt Beaton.

Senator in General Court: I will be writing in James Knowlton of Worcester.

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