Mug Monday

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RMG Friends,

Today is Mug Monday!

Everyone who donates a minimum of $100 to our campaign for U.S. Congress today will receive a limited edition Jeff Perry for Congress mug.

Click Here to donate on-line right now.

Today, I also addressed the media on my plans to not sponsor earmarks. I truly believe I am the best prepared candidate to cut wasteful spending and get the federal budget back on track. Our national debt is at the unheard-of level of $13 trillion. We cannot continue with business as usual in Washington. That is why I refuse, as the next congressman from the 10th Congressional District, to sponsor earmarks. I will fight for my district, and I will support worthwhile and necessary spending. But, I will also insist that spending go through the normal authorization process.

You can read my full statement on my website HERE.

Thank you for your continued support. Hope to see you at one of my upcoming events or in one of our three offices.



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  • Nothing like a little Java to Wake Up Washington.  I bought mine. Go Jeff Go!

  • I support Jeff and any and all efforts for him to get elected to Congress!  He is the man that will stick up for the common man and say no to more spending and waste.  I am most definitely donating to get my mug today!

  • I’ve already had a bunch of people at my office ask where they can get one.  Mr. Perry, I hope you have a good supply of mugs.

  • Discretionary spending in Washington D.C. is out of control, and your pledge to not sponsor earmarks is a good start to helping solve the ever growing debt the U.S. government finds itself it. While the rest of the nation has made cuts, the government has continued to grow, which is a major part of why the private sector has been unable to recover. We need your fiscal conservatism in Washington more than ever before. Go Jeff Go!

  • While I never thought I would pay $100 for a mug.  Investing $100 in Jeff Perry is well worth it.  He is running a great campaign.  It is funny watching his critics try to get him off message…they have zero chance in doing that.  Maybe they should just give up and save Barney before he loses also.

  • Jeff has been CONSISTENT in his strong belief in fiscal accountability in ALL government, state, local and federal!

    We applaud you with this commitment to not sponsor earmarks…now if only more members of Congress would realize the dire straits our country is in, perhaps there might be a few more willing to step up and do the RIGHT thing…cut the fat out of this porkulous budget and STOP SPENDING!  If they don’t, their days are numbered!  The American people are tired of tightening THEIR belts and sending THEIR hard-earned tax dollars to Washington only to witness elected representatives and senators voting for foolish and IMPROPER expenditures.