Mug Monday

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RMG Friends,

Today is Mug Monday!

Everyone who donates a minimum of $100 to our campaign for U.S. Congress today will receive a limited edition Jeff Perry for Congress mug.

Click Here to donate on-line right now.

Today, I also addressed the media on my plans to not sponsor earmarks. I truly believe I am the best prepared candidate to cut wasteful spending and get the federal budget back on track. Our national debt is at the unheard-of level of $13 trillion. We cannot continue with business as usual in Washington. That is why I refuse, as the next congressman from the 10th Congressional District, to sponsor earmarks. I will fight for my district, and I will support worthwhile and necessary spending. But, I will also insist that spending go through the normal authorization process.

You can read my full statement on my website HERE.

Thank you for your continued support. Hope to see you at one of my upcoming events or in one of our three offices.



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