More Rasmussen Data Posted

(Favorables:  Baker +12%, Deval – 2%, Cahill – 4% – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie)

Rasmussen has posted more data from their MA Governor’s poll.  Charlie’s favorable/unfavorable percentages are looking quite good.

here’s the link:…  

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  • He has the old Republican base and little else. The independents do not seem to be looking for a reason to vote against Deval. Without Cahill, Deval would be near or over 50% and Baker’s fundraising would dry up to nothing.  

  • In the western part of the State – the future of the Republican party is at stake.

    The volunteer network is split between voting for write in candidate Scott Lively and supporting Deval or Cahill.

    Supporting Faker is not an option – we demand more conservative candidates in 2014.

    Faker – is a step in the wrong direction. We don’t want the Republican party that he wants to build in Massachusetts.

    Faker is wrong the candidate for our times.

  • Charlie can win if….he starts to talk and show what he would do as Governor.  Voters want to know more than a vote for Cahill is a vote for Patrick. What will a vote for Baker mean when he elected.  Ideas, issues and policies?

  • The 11% who consider Deval “conservative” should be beaten with a wooden stick for gross voter education negligence.

  • “I would rather be on a beach, but instead I got stuck with homosexual nazis.”

    Are there actually real people who are going to write this guy in on their ballot???  

  • When asked directly some Mass GOP members here & on other websites have not denied it.


    1 in particular has written “lovingly” about this “Kind & compassionate humanitarian” Scott Lively.

    “If there are degrees of evil it is hard to say who is the more contemptible: the brute who assumes the right to force the mind of others or the moral degenerate who grants to others the right to force his mind.”

            John Galt’s proclamation Atlas Shrugged