Mass Gay and Lesbian Caucus endorses Dan Winslow

This seems like a big story that’s getting no coverage in the mainstream media.  


The Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus (MGLPC), the leading gay and lesbian advocacy organization in the Commonwealth has endorsed Republican Daniel Winslow (9th Norfolk), Mitt Romney’s former chief counsel, over Democrat Stanley Nacewicz.

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  • I think this is great news for Dan Winslow and the Mass GOP.  We only benefit from having social issues cease being partisan sledge hammers.

  • I agree and I like Dan Winslow too.  The Vicar was at that Caucus meeting so the reporting at KTN is accurate.  I see a few things going on here too

    1)  We have a Republican that isn’t using Marriage Equality as a voting tool for the base, and therefore we are hopefully seeing a base that wants to get back to core GOP values (ie leave the social issue fighting to the churches and the families etc)

    2)  And this is what is important to me.  Winslow did not fill out Isaacson’s questionnaire on the Transgender Rights Bill because he wants to learn more about transgender people.  Isaacson and every LGBT activist including an ACLU lobbyist AND the head of the MA Trans Political Coalition (Gunner Scott) voted for Winslow…

    Number 2 smacks right in the face of hypocrisy of the gay activists who earlier in the Gubernatorial campaign bashed Baker for pretty much doing the exact same thing as Winslow regarding the Trans Rights Bill.  The Gay Activists have no card to play anymore against Baker on this one

    And Yankeegop, you don’t see this being in the main stream media because Arline Isaacson has not formally announced the endorsements yet.  This is a scoop via KTN.

  • Dan Winslow is probably ONE of the best Candidates that has jumped into the State Representative race in the past year …not to take away from my second favorite – Paul Adams on the North Shore …oh and there is John O’Leary …and …and …and …

    Ok …Winslow is one of MANY great Candidates running this year. And all of these GREAT Candidates feel differently on the “social” issues and each will present their views to the voters of their town or towns.

    While Dan Winslow is very conservative on the fiscal issues.  The above endorsement shows he is a moderate on the social issues.  As that is how MOST in the district he will be leading feel – great news to me!  

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