Mass #1 in State Gov’t Payroll Growth

(Poor Deval Patrick, he told us he tightened the belt.  Who are we to believe? – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Charlie Baker has been talking about the growth in state employment under Deval Patrick.  Well the numbers are in and Charlie seems right on the mark in this one.

The Nelson Rockefeller Institute at the University of Albany (formerly SUNY-Albany) crunched the numbers.  Massachusetts ranks #1 (tied with North Carolina) for growth in state employment over the past year.

The Institute reports that state employment in Massachusetts grew by 3.5 percent in the period from April-June 2009 to April-June 2010.

Here’s their report:…

In fact, Massachusetts was one of 18 states where government payrolls grew in the past year.  In 31 states, state and local government payrolls shrunk.

Also, check out Figure 1 in the report for a really scary chart.  They don’t call it the dreaded private sector for nothing.

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  • …needs to become the biggest loser of jobs in the state.

    Let’s start losing the fat in November.

  • Yankee – Yup.  Check out a blog ( where I summarize the basic takeaways.  For states across the US:

    – State government employment is down in 28 states (down 0.8% from its post-recession peak)

    – Local government employment is down in 30 states (down 1.4% from the post-recession peak)

    – Private-sector employment is down in 44 states (down 6.8% from its post-recession peak).

    For Massachusetts, the numbers are

    – State government employment is up 3.5% over the 2009-2010 period

    – Local government employment is down 0.8% over the period

    – Private-sector employment is down in 0.4% over the period.

    These numbers seem to reinforce the view that the state has not carried its fair share of the burden of job losses seen in local government and in the private sector.

  • where the data presented illustrates Mass as being “#1” – it looks like North Carolina has Massachusetts blown away.

  • Today’s Cambridge Chronicle has a story on Cambridge salaries including base, overtime, value of a T pass, cash in lieu of health insurance.

    The story and list are eyeopening.  274 employees are reported with earnings over $100,000 including the city manager who earned more than $325,000 (and that does not include benefits which are another story altogether).