Machine Alert: Mass Teachers behind Bay State Future ad attacking Baker

On the heels of Deval Patrick lowering education standards by joining the “Race to the Top” standards consortium, which is being pushed by the teachers unions, the Massachusetts Teachers Association is paying him back.  Today the Bay State Future 527 finally filed their independent expenditure report for their ad that laughably tries to blame Charlie Baker for the Big Dig.  Partnering on the advertisement with the Democratic Governors association is the Massachusetts Teachers Association.

Anybody that argues that unions are not fully backing Deval Patrick this cycle because he’s been “tough” with them is delusional.  They will be out in full force.  Already this cycle unions have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting Democratic candidates.  The machine will not go down easy.  

In addition the Mass Teachers Association also mailed last week an 8.5 x 11 glossy postcard against Question 3.  In that post card they also spent a good deal of real estate supporting Deval Patrick and Tim Murray.  (The postcard is after the fold.)

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  • I thought it was the Patrick-Cahill administration.

  • SteveB

    Every year around this time I have to apologize for my union and what it does with my money. Trust me when I say that not all of us support what the state union does.

     Just signed up for my Charlie Baker sign and bumper sticker which I'll sport with pride as I drive to school every day until election day.

    The Moderate Republican

  • If there’s a fight in the playground between those 3 kids in the bottom ad, my money is not on the kid in green.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    is like blaming all Massachusetts teachers for the statutory rapes that occur in our Massachusetts public school system.  

    And there are a lot….

    Like this one.

    And this one.

    And this one.

    For a more complete list of Massachusetts teachers that rape children see here.

    But hey, at least they just got 10 billion dollars from Barack Obama to protect their jobs.

    Time to do away with the Massachusetts Teachers Association and the rapists they protect….

  • high density housing as opposed to “affordable” housing.  In a condo situation one must comply with the association rules.  You cannot park your RV there, leave your garage door open, change your own motor oil, mow your own lawn or paint “your own” house.  You can not display individuality in multiple ways and must sneak back into your “cell” to watch lamestream media which tells you you must ban evil the evil of unhealthy sugary drinks.  

    Ok, I’m going outside to smoke a butt.  I don’t wear my seatbelt,never wore bicycle helmut, I have no idea what my HDL LDL numbers are,I gave up recycling after Big Al’s global Bernie Madoff carbon trading scam came out and flu shots, yeah, in my cold dead arm.  I don’t own a cellphone, never bought a bottle of Purelle even after mucking out three horse stalls and even crappy Budwieser beats big pharma designer happy pills with the unfortunate side effect of producing thoughts of suicide.  The guy in 13 can open his window and spit into the swamp and they only have to be “affordable” for fifteen years.

  • Using jobs “saved” is laughable – of course, it is the favored strategy of both Obama and Patrick.

    It is a number that cannot really be questioned.  The fact is:1 00,000 jobs were actually lost in the Patrick administration. But the claim could certainly be made that 500,000 jobs were saved!  As in, why stop at 25k???  It’s like stimulus money – if it actually worked to stimulate the economy, why only spend $1trillion – why not spend $10 trillion???

  • nothing new hear.what would you expect from government worker’s.the public sector worker will work diligently  to protect the patronage trough.if the primary voter turn out is any indication,they will prevail in the general election!

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    According to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF), during the 2007-2009 election cycle, the MTA’s political action committee donated to Richard Tisei. He was the only Senate Republican to receive money from the PAC

    In the words of Kid Rock . . .

    Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy said the boogy said Ram Rod Sha-boogy