MA-10 Congressional Preview w/ poll

Massachusetts 10th congressional district has a PVI of D+5.  It is the 152nd most Democratic district in the nation, and the most Republican district in Massachusetts.  In 2008, Incumbent Bill Delahunt was unopposed.  In 2010, he is retiring creating an open seat.  Bob Hayden, Ray Kasperowicz, Joe Malone, and Jeff Perry are contending for the Republican nomination.

Norfolk County Treasurer Bill Keating and Sen. Robert O’Leary are contending for the Democratic nomination.  In the general election former Quincy Mayor James Sheets and former Democratic State Rep Maryanne Lewis will also be on the ballot as unenrolled candidates.

Bob Hayden (R) is a former Hockey player and Plymouth Court District Attorney.  He has raised $17,750 year to date and has $0 cash on hand.  More information is available on his website

Ray Kasperowicz (R) ia a small businessman, CPA, veteran, and independent government auditor.  He has raised $19,688 year to date and has $628 cash on hand.  More information is available on his website

Joe Malone (R) is the former Treasurer and Receiver General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who more recently served as a Fox25 TV personality.  He has raised $402,122 year to date and has $51,347 cash on hand.  More information is available on his website

Jeff Perry (R) is the 4 term State Representative from the 5th Barnstable district, a partner in the Law Firm of Flannigan and Perry P.C., and an Adjunct Professor at Cape Cod Community College.  He has raised $517,119 year to date and has $128,383 cash on hand.  More information is available on his website


Jeff Perry for Congress Recommendation:  I give my strongest recommendation to Jeff Perry for Congress and encourage everyone to vote for him in the Republican primary on September 14th.

Jeff Perry is both the most conservative and most electable candidate in the field.  He has the strongest support from establishments Republican, Tea Party and Independent voters.  Jeff Perry has a long and impressive list of endorsements including Mitt Romeny, Scott Brown, the most elected officials in the district and the most candidates in the district.  Jeff Perry has the endorsements of the most conservative  organizations including MCFL and the NRA, and the most Republican organizations.

Jeff Perry has the strongest and most recent history of electoral success.  He was first elected by defeating an incumbent Democrat.  In subsequent years, his victory margins have grown even during Democratic landslides.

Jeff Perry has the strongest campaign.  In this election he has by far the most impressive political organization, the largest activist base and has raised the most money to defeat the Democrats in November.  Jeff Perry currently has more than twice the cash on hand of all other Republican candidates combined.  The overall enthusiasm gap between the Jeff Perry for Congress campaign and all others is huge and reminiscent of the Scott Brown campaign.  Perhaps most impressively, virtually all of his campaigning has been positive and has not engaged in the negative politics of personal destruction against our own party.

Jeff Perry will make the best congressman.  He already has a history of standing up for us against government taking over our health care decisions, against benefits and amnesty for illegal immigrants, against massive debts being passed on to the next generation.  He has a proven history of standing on principle even when most Republicans do not.

Prediction (R):  Perry 55%, Malone 40%, Kasperowicz 4%, Hayden 1%.

Prediction (D): Keating 55%, O’Leary 45%

Prediction – Gen: Perry 48%, Keating 47%, Others 5%

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P.S.  I would like to personally wish the best of luck to Ray Kasperowicz in all of his future endeavors.  He is an intelligent and well qualified individual who has handled himself with class during this campaign.

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