Kurth Hayes and Jen Benson trade barbs in debate

The Lowell Sun is reporting about the debate last night between Jen Benson the Democrat and Kurt Hayes.  

Hayes said it’s a given that Massachusetts will be faced with serious financial constraints.

“We know we’re not going to have an improved economy to help us balance the budget,” he said. “We’re going to a have at least a $2.5 billion budget deficit.”

Benson questioned Hayes on what she said was his lack of involvement in local politics. She said it was her involvement at the town level that prepared her for a job on Beacon Hill.

“I have been involved in my community,” he answered. “I have been a regular Town Meeting member.”

Kurt Hayes is running in the 37th Middlesex district.  Scott Brown won that district by a 52-47 margin in the special election in January.

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