Joe’s “Triple Nickel” Job Plan


Getting the South Coast Back to Work

Joe’s ‘Triple Nickel’ plan is a series of reforms in state tax policy that will allow private sector job creation here in the South Coast and across the Commonwealth:

1. Adopt a tax rate for all business entities of 5 percent

2. Reduce the state sales tax back to 5 percent

3. Reduce the state income tax back to 5 percent

Milford Sound in New Zealand

My number one priority is getting the people of my district back to work.  I will work to lower taxes, reduce regulation, and address the high health care and energy costs that affect every family and business. Our economy will rebound when the costs of state government are reigned in; people have more of their money to spend and businesses have more money to invest.

The unemployment rate in Massachusetts is now the highest it has been in 34 years.  Tax and regulatory burdens on small businesses coupled with staggering budget deficits year after year on Beacon Hill have created a climate in which business owners have had little confidence to hire and expand business here.

For Massachusetts and the South Coast to recover, bold reforms and policy changes must be adopted immediately.  Government should not be in the business of creating jobs.  Government should provide businesses with a climate for job creation and expansion.  The best social program is a good job.

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