Joe Michaud, candidate for State Rep – 9th Bristol


Dear fellow conservatives:

I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself to many of you here at Red Mass Group.  I am Joe Michaud and I am running for State Representative in the 9th Bristol district (Dartmouth, Freetown, Lakeville, New Bedford).  

As some may know, I have spent the last three years turning the financial tides in the town of Dartmouth as Selectman.  My record consists of standing up to the unions, holding the line on union contracts, consolidating government and eliminating waste/lifetime contracts in the public sector.  During my tenures on the Finance Committee and Select Board, I have been able to bring accountability and efficiency to government in a bipartisan fashion.  By thinking outside of the box, we have been able to bring innovative solutions to solve many of the issues that all communities across the commonwealth face. Dartmouth is financially now years ahead of other municipalities and in stable condition ready to weather future economic turbulence.  

In addition to my record in the public sector, I am also a proud husband and father of three children, small business owner & lawyer, and current Lt. Colonel in the US Army Reserves.

Beacon Hill is broken and I am the only candidate in my race with local government experience to bring real reform. As Selectman, I have fought for the taxpayers, stood up to special interests and made government work for the people and I will do the same on Beacon Hill.

Throughout the course of the campaign, I hope to update you all on any news coming out of the 9th Bristol race.  Thanks for your time and check out our website!

-Joe Michaud

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