Joe Biden becomes ‘Speaker of the House’

In a move that surprised everyone, Joe Biden today became the Speaker of the House of Representatives.  The move was revealed when Joe Biden said in a speech at 3:30 today “I am second in line to become the President”.  The story is now being picked up by drudge and others.

As we all know the second person in line to be the President is the Speaker of the House of Representatives.  The Vice President is first in line to be President.  Some conspiracy theorists are speculating that Biden may actually be right.  If Obama was in fact, not born in the USA, then technically Obama is first in line to be President, thus making Joe Biden second in line.

Others are speculating that maybe Michelle Obama has been made second in line by a President that obviously feels everyone else is too stupid to take over for him should he be thrown out of office unable to fulfill his duties as President.  Hey, after all, what is one more measly little Constitutional override.

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