Jay Severin Endorses…

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Who do I believe after months of listening and watching and studying, who are the candidates most driven by constitutional principles, who can win?

Auditor: Mary Z

CD2: Tom Wesley – very impressed by him, strong minded guy

CD3: Marty Lamb

CD4: Sean Bielat – my enthusiastic choice to run against Barney Frank!  There is no greater thing that we can do in this state than to knock Barney out of congress.  US Marine and businessman Sean Bielat is the best man to do this.

CD5: Golnik

CD6: Hudak!  Feel strong about this one because it is where I live

CD7: not enough information to make a call here

CD9: Keith Lepor, very strong endorsement, I am very impressed with this guy

CD10: Jeff Perry  this is someone truly to watch, going to be a big change maker here in the state

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