Insider leak: Taunton state senator (D)Marc Pacheco has been told he is next Cape Verde Amb.

Apparently Senator Marc “Carney errand boy” Pacheco is upset that his inner circle spilled the beans on his imminent appointment by the White House to be the next ambassador to the Cape Verde Islands nation.

Incumbent Pacheco is in the race of his life as the bright and witty Taunton city councilor (R)David Pottier is running a solid campaign under the radar of most of the Boston media.

This one will go down to the wire in the anti-incumbent atmosphere.

Pacheco has been as big an obstructionist to Massachusettts casinos as anyone on Beacon Hill. He has been doing the bidding of the dog track owners insisting that they receive inherent rights to the slot machines in order for casinos to move forward. Looks like the envelopes from the Carney’s and their “friends and neighbors” paid off after all.

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