I like Mike…he’s silly and Linda? Fuhgetaboutit.

An email sent by Mike Franco

To: Mike Franco

Sent: Fri, Sep 3, 2010 18:33:22 GMT+00:00

Subject: Important Note from Linda Rapoza!

Important note from Linda Rapoza, MA Republican State Committee. Linda is fiery woman with principled convictions, which truly makes her a beautiful lady in my book!

* * * * *

Here’s a statistic to send to Michael Graham, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham for the race against Barney Frank here in the 4th Congressional District:

The only debate Sean Bielat would agree to – the only debate where the people had the opportunity to hear both candidates speak together about the issues, both at one time, and Bielat got creamed by Earl Sholley.

And that’s with the host snuggled up nice and cozy in the pocket of the RINO Bielat, and the cretins in the Bielat camp voting over and over again with different IP addresses!

How come this didn’t make the rounds? What do you suppose it is that makes the voters disagree with the GOP pundits? Please study these statistics:

MA-4 Congressional District

Results: Of 1763 votes

Earl Sholley – 935 (53%)

Sean Bielat – 823 (47%)

Barney Frank – 5 (0%)

(Of, For & By the People!)

Also, take a look at your primary ballot here:


And a note from me, Mike Franco:

Earl Sholley’s success now, and in the future, is earned 10 times over. Yet, Sean Bielat just arrived on our shores from New York about three years ago, changing his life-long voter registration from a Democrat to Republican in 2007. Welcome aboard Sean!

Lastly, Earl would have made a great dad or older brother to Sean and I. I thank my parents everyday for their guidance and structure to my childhood, disciplining and loving me the way they did. I could easily image Earl having done the same for me.

end msg

No mention of the Sholley appeal (at an unknown level) to Ron Paul supporters in Texas to, like Franco and Ron Vilasomething, influence the MA 4 from outside the district by voting for Sholley.

Here is the test to see who is being honest; I can tell you that Bielat will win by no fewer than 20 points. I think it will actually be more like 77% to 23% Bielat in a landslide.

Sholley moved to the district after Bielat. Welcome aboard Earl. Sholley last re-enrolled into the Republican Party in September of 2004 at 54 years of age. Welcome aboard Earl.

Mike and Linda (and I’m only saying this because I care) there are many tasty brands of coffee on the market that are de-caffeinated. Oh, and Mike one doesn’t need a boat to land on the shores of Massachusetts from the faraway lands of New York. you should know this…isn’t that where you get your fire crackers just down the Pike? As far as Linda being beautiful? You are a party animal Mike. I won’t be playing your wingman any time soon though.

You guys are the Taliban of the GOP.


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