Golnik on Howie Carr Tonight…Absolutely Pathetic

Did anyone hear this crap tonight?  First off, Howie was lobbing softballs galore at Golnik.  I’m sure if it was a Democrat Howie didn’t like he would’ve demanded the guy be executed.  Hypocrite.  Anyway, on to Golnik, personally I didn’t know or care about this guy at all, but I do read and the police report said he said he got high, he admitted it, his attorney admitted it and he goes on Howie and says it wasn’t true.  C’mon!  What a disgraceful liar.  The police report has the facts Jon.  Sorry I don’t vote for liars, especially those who call cops liars.  So typical of what we get for candidates.  Meas is my boy.  More than ever we NEED a fresh face.    

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