Frank Philips: Treasure Cahill’s Claim about a scandal free lottery glosses over the facts

Tim Cahill has been running an ad stating that he runs a scandal free lottery.  Frank Philips of the Boston Globe takes him to task over the ad.

Cahill, in his management of the lottery, has faced serious allegations that he engaged in a so-called pay-to-play scheme.

His decision in 2004 to extend the $21 million contract of Scientific Games International to provide 80 percent of the lottery’s scratch tickets drew criticism that the selection was an insider deal.

One of his closest friends and political associates, Thomas F. Kelly, was secretly on the Scientific Games payroll, drawing in excess of $132,000 in consulting fees over four years, to look after the giant gaming firm’s interest at the lottery. In that time, the lottery gave Scientific Games three one-year extensions worth more than $30 million.

With the 2004 contract decision pending, Kelly, one of Cahill’s chief fund-raisers, was also pushing the company’s executives to donate to the treasurer’s political committee. Top aides in Cahill’s office at the time were urging that Scientific Games’s share of the scratch ticket work be reduced. Cahill rejected the advice.

I thought as well that was an odd statement to be making in a television advertisement.

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