Flashback: Deval Patrick thinks you’re stupid

Over the past few days, the left in Massachusetts has ratcheted up the attacks on the right.  Calling those of us on the right dangerous, uncaring, selfish, and of course ignorant.  This is being done because they have failed and rather than hone up to their failure they wish to create a big red herring and take people off their trail.  We cannot let this happen.  

People who have responded to a thread started by David Bernstein on Facebook have relayed some of Governor Patrick's words today at his Rally Forward Backward in the South End.

Tito Jackson  ‎@Rob One of the things Gov. Patrick said is something you may want to try; this is not about being against something or someone, it is about standing up for something and for the little people. You might want to think about that one.

Heather Fowles The Governor had a great line: when times are tough, we need to turn TO each other, not turn ON each other.

Really Governor? We need to not turn ON each other?  How quickly you forget.  It takes a special kind of chutzpah to tell other people to be civil when you yourself have denigrated your opponents at multiple turns.  Like John Kerry you too think your political opponents are ignorant.  Not just ignorant, we're stupid

“We are awash in cynicism in the commonwealth, but the cynical are not smart; they're just pretending to be,” Patrick said.

Governor Patrick, maybe it's time you and your allies come out of the ivory tower, and off your high horses.  It is time for you to show the citizens of the  Commonwealth some of the same respect you so richly think you deserve.

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