Donate to Jim McKenna – Weekend Online Fundraiser

(I sincerely believe Jim has a great chance to win.  I think he starts at 45% vs. Coakley, and can get that addition 5% + 1 vote to win.  He’s shown he can get the all-important ‘earned media’.  Now, with a little money, he can go even farther.  Please donate today! – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

Thank you all for your support of Jim McKenna and his efforts to oppose Martha Coakley. 

Although the write-in campaign was a historic success… it will mean nothing if we do not win in November.  Martha Coakley has now kicked in her professional fundraising machine and will do everything to keep her power.  Let's Stamp Out Martha Coakley for the final time.

Please help us as the next phase of the campaign begins…

We need to raise money to buy lawn signs, campaign materials, radio and tv.  Join us this weekend as we try to raise $20,000 between now and Monday.  To donate please visit

We said we would be on the ballot… and we delivered.

We said the night of the election that WE DID IT.  That results would be Historic, Record Breaking and indisputable… and we delivered.

We will beat Martha Coakley on November 2nd – but we need your financial support to get this done.  If we have the money to match what Martha spends against us… we will beat her… and we will deliver again.

Thank you again for your past support, your vote and I am proud to call the members of Red Mass Group our friends.

The Jim McKenna Campaign.


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