Deval Gets Booed

(Metrowest Daily News confirms Patrick booed at parade. -Paul Ferro

Each candidate for governor brought enthusiastic supporters who carried signs and tried to get the crowd going.

Some people booed as Patrick walked near City Hall, while others clapped.

If the paper felt the need to put it in, this was more than a smattering.   – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Just got back from the Marlborough Labor Day Parade and had to share this tid bit. As Deval and his crowd made their way down the parade route all you could hear were the boos of the crowd while Deval's group tried to shout them down. While I do not endorse booing at a parade (kind of classless) it was still pretty amazing to hear. I have lived in Marlboro all my life and it has always been pretty safe Democratic territory.

And in case you had any doubt- yes Baker got a very enthusiastic cheer from the crowd!

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