Deep Breath and Olive Branch to jazzpatriot

Wow.  After all the rhetorical bullets that have been flying around it is hard to believe the MA-04 primary is actually over.

I want to express my appreciation for jazzpatriot endorsing Sean Bielat after his primary win last night.  Classy move, jazzpatriot.

I know things got pretty heated in here and as an attempt to bury the hatchet I have removed the last 2 rather angry posts that I had directed at you, which you found offensive.  I unfortunately can’t undo any comments but hopefully its water under the bridge now.

Also – just for clarity I was not actually personally offended by anything you wrote about me so please don’t feel like I’m expecting you to remove anything from here or from your blog.

Thanks again for your fast endorsement of Sean.  Its good to be on the same team again.

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