Deep Breath and Olive Branch to jazzpatriot

Wow.  After all the rhetorical bullets that have been flying around it is hard to believe the MA-04 primary is actually over.

I want to express my appreciation for jazzpatriot endorsing Sean Bielat after his primary win last night.  Classy move, jazzpatriot.

I know things got pretty heated in here and as an attempt to bury the hatchet I have removed the last 2 rather angry posts that I had directed at you, which you found offensive.  I unfortunately can’t undo any comments but hopefully its water under the bridge now.

Also – just for clarity I was not actually personally offended by anything you wrote about me so please don’t feel like I’m expecting you to remove anything from here or from your blog.

Thanks again for your fast endorsement of Sean.  Its good to be on the same team again.

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  • Le me give you a quote by Edmund Burke that I hope you’ll read & then come to embrace.

    “I must see with my own eyes, I must, in a manner, touch with my own hands, not only the fixed but the momentary circumstances, before I could venture to suggest any political project whatever. I must know the power & disposition to accept, to execute, to persevere. I must see the means of correcting the the plan, where correctives would be wanted. I must see the things I must see the men.”    

    Sean has that vision, he has that plan & he has the means of correcting these ills we know infect our nation. He can be an instrument for cure. & I hope you’ll be one of his passionate advocates.

    If you’d like a lawn sign,  I can hook you up. The Bielat campaign could definitely stand to be more visible in the New Bedford area.

    “Liberalism is the body armor of the Western Coward”

                                  Bob Grant  

    You can reach out to me through Ken’s website & we can do an e-mail exchange from there if you’d like.

  • Ken Pittman

    ..than to be adversaries. I hope some of the Sholley supporters no longer take for granted the rumors of Bielat being a loosey goosey RINO. I wouldn’t go to battle for any such candidate.

    Bielat is part of the MASS GOP 5.0 that is unfolding. The 21st century will be ours.

  • I appreciate the comments guys and it’s a classy move on your part as well. I’m in the process of removing anything on my blog that was negative about Sean. The problem is there was so much I may have missed some, (LOL) but I’ll keep looking. I have some Barney Frank stuff that I’ve been moving around also as we were already campaigning against Barney Frank when Sean announced his candidacy, so they’re ready to go.

    I’m trying not to take anything that was said personally, and I hope you don’t from me as I’m sure that during the heat of battle I went overboard sometimes. I know you’re not a RINO demolisher.

    I would like to use my blog to continue writing about the campaign against Barney Frank and I’m in a good position to do so. My blog is cooking right now with with hits from people doing google searches on Sean Bielat and Barney Frank etc, so If you’d like my help you’ve got it. I try to put a new article on everyday to increase (SEO). Search Engine Optimization (LOL) and that is why demolisher I was busting my hump to get a new post up there even if it was one I had already written but just rearranged a bit. It’s amazing how much traffic increases when you do that.

    So I’ll use my blog to help but I may have to take a few baby steps at first as I’m still quite disappointed that Earl is out of the running and I’m sure you can understand that. Certainly I can help you do things down here in New Bedford for Bielat, also. Just let me know what you have in mind. My email address is