Classless Sholley Campaign Staffers sink to all time low.

Earl Sholley’s Campaign Staff sunk to a new low by squatting at Sean Bielat’s Town Hall Event held tonight at the Taunton Cultural Center, 775 John Quincy Adams Rd. in the Taunton Industrial Park.  (Sean had 30 to 35 mostly new faces btw)

They had that military vehicle Earl has been using for photo ops in the driveway of the trucking outfit across the street from Sean’s venue with a 4 by 8 Sholley for Congress sign affixed to it.

Earl’s Man Friday, Horace Mello of Norton, & 2 other Sholley Sherpas set up shop on the lawn of the Cultural Center with 5 or 6 lawn signs out on the grass.

They were told since they hadn’t paid to rent the venue they needed to vacate immediately. They then went across the street to the trucking company. Where they put out their signs & continued to behave like children.

2 people who were attending the event then went to the door of that establishment to ask the manager if they had permission to be on that property. Sensing they were going to be thrown out soon from there as well, they proceeded to leave.  

 This was one of the most boorish acts I’ve ever seen carried out by any campaign. For people who claim to be orthodox conservatives the Sholley campaign sure has been acting like Progressive Democrats for months now.

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