Christopher Dent’s Ten-Point Pledge for Common Sense Government

Chris Dent is running for Senate in the 3rd Essex and Middlesex against long time Democratic Senator Thomas McGee. Below is Chris’ pledge to the residents of the district.

Christopher Dent’s Ten-Point Pledge for Common Sense Government

To the voters of the 3rd Essex and Middlesex District,

As the Senator in General Court from the 3rd Essex and Middlesex District, I will make it my mission to put Massachusetts back on the path to prosperity.  I firmly believe that the hard-working people of Massachusetts can and will build the most vibrant economy in the country if the state government were to reduce taxes and regulation on our people and businesses.  

Many of the challenges facing our Commonwealth are most effectively solved at the local level.  Our municipal governments need and deserve a local aid system that provides assistance in a consistent, predictable and transparent manner.  I will work to give our municipal governments the resources they need to solve their own problems rather than relying on an inefficient Beacon Hill bureaucracy.  

An elected official’s mission is to protect and serve the interests of his or her constituents, not to secure power or political longevity.  As a Senator I will serve my constituents’ interests above all else.  I will never allow my political survival or party allegiance to trump my duty to represent the 3rd Essex and Middlesex District in General Court.

In accordance with the above statements, I make following pledges to the voters of the 3rd Essex and Middlesex District:

1. I will never vote for an increase in state taxes or fees.

2. I will vote to lower the state income tax to the voter approved 5.0%.

3. I will vote to lower the state sales tax to at least 5.0%.

4. I will vote to make Massachusetts the most business friendly state in the country.

5. I will vote to overhaul the broken system of Chapter 70 education funding that shortchanges many of our cities and towns.

6. I will vote to make all forms of local aid consistent and predictable.

7. I will vote to freeze or cut spending, except where adjusted for inflation, in all areas of the state budget except public safety, infrastructure, education and local aid.

8. I will vote to prevent illegal immigrants from receiving welfare benefits, drivers’ licenses and in-state tuition.

9. I will respect the will of the voters as expressed through ballot petitions, regardless of my personal views.

10. I will be accessible to the voters of the district:

 a. I will attend one meeting of the Board of    Selectmen/City Council and School Committee in each community in the  district at least once per quarter.

 b. I will hold office hours in each community in the district at least twice per month, alternating between day and  evening hours.

 c. I will do these things personally; I will not send an aide.


Christopher J. Dent

Nahant, MA

Candidate for State Senate

3rd Essex and Middlesex District

It’s worth noting that Chris is actually a Marine, having recently finished a three week deployment to Mozambique. He’s a great candidate running at the right time.


Christopher Dent was born and raised in Nahant. He enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve in 2004 after graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. After graduating first in his class at Military Intelligence school and served in Fallujah, Iraq in 2006. Dent is due to be discharged in November after six years of service.

However, on July 28, 2010, as one of his last duties in the Marine Corps, Christopher Dent deployed for three weeks to the southern African nation of Mozambique with his reserve unit in support of Exercise Shared Accord 2010. While this endeavor is noble and serves our country, it is quite a challenge for a candidate to leave for three weeks in the middle of a campaign.

While looking to close one chapter in his life serving his country, he is looking forward to opening a new chapter serving the citizens of the Massachusetts 3rd Essex and Middlesex Senate District. So please join us in welcoming Chris home from Mozambique and help re-jump start his campaign.

The district is comprised of Swampscott, Marblehead, Nahant, Saugus, Melrose, and Lynn. If you live in the district and want to get involved email me at Oh yea, we are always accepting campaign contributions. Every little bit helps!

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