Chatham Republicans Rock – AGAIN!

Just received this in my email, and wanted to share it with all of RMG –

Wednesday evening, September 8, 2010

This email is addressed to those concerned about the future of this nation and the world our children and grandchildren will inherit.

We need your help as we start up the November 2nd campaign here in Chatham!

Chatham Republicans have a headquarters.   We are delighted with the space we now have through November 6th.

We will be moving into the former Epicure space on Main Street, right across from Town Hall and the large parking lot.  It is the BEST POSSIBLE site for our headquarters.  We can’t imagine a better one.  Under our rental agreement we have to get our own liability insurance for 60 days. We will get a quote for that tomorrow

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Continued –

We have wangled a special deal from Comcast for three phone lines with unlimited calling, high speed internet and TV ($30 a month extra to get Fox News!).  The usual shortest term from Comcast is one year. We had to go up three supervisory levels to get a 60-day contract.  We just faxed the signed agreement back this afternoon and now we’re pressing for quick final approval and installation.  Comcast in the end did the “right thing.”

We have a fundraising letter going out to all town Republicans later this week or first of next week.  Hopefully, there will be a strong response.  We will be working for all state candidates and our 10th Congressional candidate.  Party committee such as ours can take contributions from individuals up to $5,000 a year, so no one need feel constrained.  

In the meantime several people have loaned the campaign money to cover the first month’s rent, the fundraising letter and the Comcast set-up.  We have  a good amount of furniture donated for the duration, though we will have to buy some equipment and may need more tables and chairs.  In addition to money, we will need volunteers to staff and work at the HQ.  One of the first things after the primary will be getting yard signs around.  We will also run ads in the local papers as well as send emails to supporters.  Please send us email addresses of friends and likely contributors and workers.

In Chatham we have roughly 1, 300 Republicans and 1,000 Democrats.  The rest are independents.  The voter total is around 5,700.  It’s clear that the independents decide who wins and who loses.  It is our job as Republicans in this election to do all we can to persuade independents that the road of fiscal responsibility is best for the national, state (and Chatham) governments.  We can’t afford everyone’s wish list no matter what governmental level you’re talking about.  We really have outstanding candidates this time around at statewide and  legislative levels.  

Charlie Baker, hands down, is the most qualified person running for Governor.  Lots of independents must be tired of one-party government on Beacon Hill that has had three Democratic speakers in a row resign over corruption charges.   We need some offset to all that.  Fortunately, in addition to Charlie Baker, we have excellent candidates this year running for state office.  Commentators say our 10th Congressional District’s open seat presents the best chance for Republicans to send a Republican to the House of Representatives to break the Democratic spend/spend/spend monopoly.  (There are two other races where Republicans have a chance:  against Barney Frank, the person most responsible for the housing boom and bust that led to the worldwide recession; against Paul Tsongas’ surviving wife,  who has voted in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi.)

We want to be up and running and open by Primary Day and Night, this coming Tuesday.  

We will have an “opening” reception shortly thereafter to which you are all invited.

We will be going over plans at our meeting Monday night at the Community Center at 7.  All are welcome.

This is an important election.  Across the country Republicans are energized about taking back America and putting it back on course.  Whether it happens or not depends on what happens in every big and little city and town in America, including Chatham.

Thanks for all your help in the past and for what you will do in this election.

Chatham Republicans

Box 238, Chatham, MA 02633

Walter Bilowz, Chairman

Diane Bronsdon, Vice Chairman

Mary Mikita, Recording Secretary

Joan Bulkley, Treasurer

Phil Dupont, Campaign Coordinator

Fran Meaney, Issues

Web –

Facebook – Chatham Republicans

Email –

THAT, my friends, is what a town committee can do! So Friend then on Facebook, and send them a donation, if you can.


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