Campaign Issue Alert-Chapter 70 Inequity Issue

Below is a list of the “forgotten 58.” A list of communities that are presently not being funded at 17.5% of foundation budget per a promise made to all districts in fy 2006. This is fy 2010 chapter 70 data. Given the recent distribution of federal funds that were distributed using the ch 70 formula, I have yet to have a chance to compute fy 2011 numbers, but if you are on the 2010 list you are on the 2011 list. Note that this has already become a campaign issue in a few districts and certainly should an issue if you are running against an incumbent Democrat in November.

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My background includes three years on the Swampscott School Committee, a community amongst the “forgotten 58.”

Finally, NOTE THAT CH 70 IS LOCAL AID. To the extent that a community is cheated out of ch 70 funding, it has less funding available for teachers, fireman, police, and libraries. It is NOT just about schools.

ANDOVER                       -1,942,546

AVON                           -26,109

BARNSTABLE                   -1,317,388

BEDFORD                       -1,031,981

BOYLSTON                       -69,391

BROOKLINE                     -2,379,861

BURLINGTON                    -374,527

CAMBRIDGE                     -2,298,246

CANTON                        -937,739

CARLISLE                      -148,957

CHATHAM                        -172,354

COHASSET                      -337,701

CONCORD                        -517,252

CONCORD CARLISLE              -342,082

DANVERS                        -950,686

DEDHAM                        -530,911

DOVER                          -211,677

DOVER SHERBORN                -312,201

DUXBURY                        -273,556

EASTHAM                         -18,678

EDGARTOWN                      -121,466

FALMOUTH                      -650,940

HADLEY                        -171,601

HARWICH                        -373,251

IPSWICH                        -263,701

LEXINGTON                     -2,199,996

LINCOLN                        -259,543

LINCOLN SUDBURY                -175,950

LONGMEADOW                    -130,083

MANCHESTER ESSEX          -222,315

MARION                        -115,611

MATTAPOISETT                  -135,624

NAHANT                         -83,951

NANTUCKET                      -460,214

NEEDHAM                        -670,241

NEWBURYPORT                     -53,313

NEWTON                       -4,384,584

NORTH ANDOVER                  -300,578

NORWELL                        -209,071

NORWOOD                        -625,420

ORLEANS                         -26,660

ROCKPORT                       -74,752

ROWE                            -5,802

SAUGUS                        -523,801

SHERBORN                      -175,153

STONEHAM                      -574,269

SWAMPSCOTT                    -526,351

TISBURY                        -114,598

TRURO                           -47,979

WAKEFIELD                      -237,153

WALTHAM                       -1,178,942

WATERTOWN                      -872,013

WAYLAND                        -788,174

WELLFLEET                       -40,402

WESTBOROUGH                    -801,736

WESTON                       -1,047,962

WESTWOOD                      -732,584

WOBURN                        -1,020,622

Note the below language from Deval Patrick’s 2009 Budget Preamble:

Full funding for Chapter 70: $223.1M Increase – This is an increase of 6% over the fiscal year 2008 GAA and the second largest increase in the budget after Medicaid. Chapter 70 state aid will be at an unprecedented level totaling $3.948B in fiscal year 2009. With this increase in aid, all 328 districts will get more Chapter 70 funds than they received in fiscal year 2008, and it ensures that the growth in each district’s foundation budget is supported by the state. This year, the Governor’s budget does not reflect any changes to the Chapter 70 formula, which was reformed in fiscal year 2007 by the Legislature. The Governor’s budget implements the 3rd year of this 5 year phase-in model, which was set up to resolve some of the inequities of the original Chapter 70 formula that was conceived during education reform in 1993. 303 operating districts will see an increase in their foundation budgets in fiscal year 2009. Since this proposal delivers new Chapter 70 funding for all 328 operating districts, 228 of them can spend above their foundation budget.

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