Cahill’s five stages of grief and loss.

Have the wheels finally come of the Scandal-Free-Lotto-Express bus?  For some time it has been known by political observers that Tim Cahill has zero chance of winning the Massachusetts’ governors race.  A point hammered home by the 538 blog in the New York Times this week, when they said Cahill’s chances are zero.  The only group of people in the Commonwealth who seemed to think that Cahill had any shot were Team Cahill themselves.  

That brings us to the Five Stages of Grief and Loss:






We have watched all summer as Team Cahill has worked it’s way through denial.  They keep saying there is a chance that Cahill could win, when in actuality there isn’t.  

Now with today’s screed in the Boston Herald against Howie Carr, Tim Cahill if not the whole team has reached the stage of Anger.  The op-ed/column/rant comes across as full of anger and vitriol.  Filled with fantasy’s of a coronation of Charlie Baker.  It’s as if in his whole political life Tim Cahill has never been challenged, never been in the position of being the odds on unfavorite.  

Prince Charles, the rightful heir to the throne of Weld, Cellucci and Romney rides in to evil Deval’s Kingdom of Taxachusetts on his shiny white pony.

Taxachusetts is a land where poor little Howie and the rest of the people have been suffering after four years of evil Deval’s misguided leadership.

In an uproar, the citizens, led by the brave warrior Howie, rise up and unanimously declare Charlie Baker lord of all Taxachusetts. Howie and his brave white knight Charlie Baker ride off into the sunset together hand in hand, rainbows fill the sky and we all live happily ever after.

Quite a fairy tale isn’t it? I bet you feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

The next three phases should be interesting.  Oh, before I forget, what is it that they say about not picking fights with people who buy ink by the barrel?

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  • XYZ Asset Managers is Tim’s landing spot. Good jobs at good wages?

  • In a three way race two months from election day .  Why should be drop out, Rob?

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    It makes him sound like a poor sport.  Howie Carr is not the only columnist in town, and to berate him for having an opinion is piss-poor leadership.  

    Can you imagine what Cahill would do and say if he became Governor?  If he feels inclined to attack the press as a candidate – he would be off the handle as the Governor.  This is a very poor demonstration of character for a candidate for Governor.  

    Cahill = Fail….

  • Tim has become unhinged. He’s running for MA CEO and he’s talking fairy tale non-sense – and mocking the guy who’s in a flat-footed tie with the incumbent governor. This is not gonna end well for Tim; I sense he will be bitter for years to come. His family & friends should be prepared to lavish him with love, comfort and support come Nov. 2nd. I wish him well in his future endeavors.

  • So, Timmy 9% thinks that Howie Carr is a big fat doo doo head.

    That’s fine.  People are entitled to their own opinions.

    But let’s call a spade a spade.  Be it 9%, 17%, 18% whatever the numbers, Timmy is playing the role of spoiler and we all know it.

    Timmy and Paul WhateverHisNameIs WILL send Deval Patrick back to the corner office if he doesn’t bow out of the race.  In my opinion, he should take whatever credibility he has left and step aside.  

    How long has Howie been covering the Massachusetts political arena?  Roughly THREE DECADES.  He knows what he’s talking about, and for Timmy 9% to call him a big mean bully is both pathetic and delusional.

    Wake up Tim.  Pack it in.    

    Let’s wrap this up with some thoughts from Carole King:


  • Vincent Errichetti

    Scott Brown’s election taught us anything is possible

    Some people on here are starting to sound as blindly partisan as the girls at BlueMassGroup.  

  • Where are you getting this from?  Howie’s been doing Baker’s bidding for a while now, penning column after column throwing sand in Tim’s face.

    Howie truly is living in a fantasy world.  How much time did he spend recently talking up the guy suing the state because he didn’t want to buy mandated health insurance and also didn’t want to pay the fine?  Who does Howie think was advising Mitt on Romneycare?

    It would be interesting if Howie stopped being Baker’s lapdog for a moment and put on his journalist hat.  How much was Baker making as a health insurance CEO prior to advising Romney on Romneycare and how much did his salary increase afterward? I don’t have exact figures, but I’m sure Howie could dust off his journalistic skills and find them.  I’m guesstimating an increase of 2-3 million dollars after health insurance became a mandated product.  Please Howie, check my math.

  • Cahill’s statement is just like the Aloisi posting on Blue Mass Group where Alo-weasel rips the Globe for breaking the story on his sister and her no-show job with the exception that Alo-weasel had the good sense to post it under an assumed name.…  

    I am stunned that a professional politician would let loose with such a tantrum.  If Tim doesn’t have the temperament to deal with a hostile newspaper columnist, how the bleep is he going to deal with the legislature?

  • “Over the next 58 days me and my Jeep will be crisscrossing this state, asking people for their vote.”

    First, it should read, “My Jeep and I …”

    Second, will the Jeep be asking for votes, too?  Is he driving KITT?

    Memo to Tim: you don’t have to act dumb to pretend to be one of the masses.

  • “I am running because both of these guys are dangerous for the future of Massachusetts and voters deserve a different choice.”

    too many ideas for one sentence.  Let’s call this Timmy’s “when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor” essay.

  • Vincent Errichetti

    Cahill Drop Out Telethon, 5PM Tonight

    That’s right, 5PM on 96.9FM TALK The Phantom Gourmet guys, Dave, Mike and Dan are holding the first “Telethon” to get Tim Cahill to drop out of the Governor’s race.

    Lets see who calls in and what they pledge….

  • since its rhetoric sounds a lot like posts I’ve read on here from surrogates, like:

    On the other hand, it’s so short on specifics about what Tim has actually done as Treasurer and plans to do as Governor that I guess it is in keeping with the Cahill approach…  

  • EJD

    that you all think yourselves conservatives and are pro-baker. I guess the nation’s idea of conservatives in Massachusetts is true, that theyre all dirty-liberals who just don’t like the Letter-D. This site has quickly turned into a RINO-frenzy. Do conservatives around the country a favor and just go-D, because all you’re doing right now is making real conservatives look down on our state. Get your heads on strait and realize what conservatism is about, or just realize you’re a dirty-lib.

    That is all.