By: Edward P. Shallow

ObamaCare will have almost absolute power to dictate terms for participating in the health-care system. That is what the law does to government. What it does to you is worse.

Based on the administration’s own numbers, as many as 117 million people might have to change their health plans by 2013 as their employer-provided coverage loses its grandfathered status and becomes subject to the new ObamaCare mandates.

Those mandates also might make your health care more expensive. The Congressional Budget Office predicts that premiums for a small number of families who buy their insurance privately will rise by as much as $2,100.

The central ObamaCare mechanism for increasing insurance coverage is an expansion of the Medicaid program. Of the 30 million new people covered, 16 million will be enrolled in Medicaid. In addition, you could end up in the program whether you want it or not. The bill states that people who apply for coverage through the new exchanges or who apply for premium-subsidy credits will automatically be enrolled in Medicaid if they qualify.

Hurting the Elderly

To pay for this expansion, the bill takes $529 billion from Medicare, with roughly 39% of the cut coming from the Medicare Advantage program. This represents a large transfer of resources, sacrificing the care of the elderly in order to increase the Medicaid rolls.

For all this supposed reform, you, the American taxpayer, can expect a bill to the tune of $569 billion.

The Bush Tax cuts set to expire January 1 if not renewed by Congress, the consensus of the Obama administration is to renew them with the exception of the 3% with incomes above $250, 000.  I must advise readers, the 3% are small business owners responsible for 750,000 jobs that will not return if their category is denied the security of the Bush tax cuts.  In their editorial of 9/7, The Wall Street Journal mentioned this fact, along with others that are negatively effecting the revival of the economy.  In the editorial they point out the Democrats embarked on the most sweeping expansion of government since the 1960’s, imposing national health care, rewriting financial laws from top to bottom .I have been advised the financial bill authorizes the secretary of the Treasury–a political appointee — to seize any financial company bank or nonbank) simply because, in his opinion, it is too big to fail and in danger of insolvency. The editorial also reveals the administration attempting to re-regulate the telecom industry, and imposing vast new costs on energy, among many other proposals. Not to stop there, in January it plans to impose new tax increase on “the wealthy,” which in practice means on the most profitable small businesses.

Central to Obama’s political strategy for passing these priorities has been trashing business and bankers as greedy profiteers.  I contend, these policies will only hold back recovery of the economy.

Dick Morris recently indicated, the financial legislation so raised the prospect of a federal takeover of any bank that makes “imprudent” loans that financial institutions are afraid to lend, freezing new job creation.  He also informs, the looming possibility of cap-and-tax legislation in the name of climate change is freezing any expansion in the manufacturing and energy sectors since policies will force jobs overseas, in many of my editorials  I  have warned readers of this likelihood.

Addressing a union only crowd on Labor Day, Obama called for a $50 billion investment in long-term infrastructure project that the administration claims would stimulate the failing economy, create jobs and refill the exhausted highway trust fund.

This infustructure package is aimed at the next six years; the investment of $50 billion is intended to be a front-loaded expansion of the $814 billion stimulus package that emphasized shovel-ready project.

This is a ‘hail Mary’, pass Obama is throwing, said Ron Bonjean, former communications director to House Speaker Dennis Hastert. “Democrats passed a stimulus package that just failed, we’re at a 9.6 unemployment  and now the president is coming out with a plan, lo and behold, on labor Day because he needs something to talk about. However, this is really a sham, this is not going anywhere in Congress.”

I maintain, the first stimulus of one trillion did not work, how is the proposed 50 billion going to do better, the answer is, it won’t.  It was meant as a payoff to the unions and will not jump-start the economy.

Senior Citizens be warned, The Democrats are so desperate for issues in the up-coming campaign they are going to coerce you into believing Republicans, if the gain control of Congress will privatize Social Secuity. Be advised this will not happen, it didn’t gain any traction when George Bush introduced it and Republicans totally rejected it.

The Democrats under the Obama administration are void of any issues the people would support; all they have left is scare tactics.

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